The Purchasing Skill Of Chandeliers

- Apr 20, 2017-

For some families, because of the reasons for purchasing perhaps the table is very long, so you can consider using a few small chandeliers to decorate. Each chandelier should have a switch so that you can open up small or larger light spaces as needed. For space to buy five or seven light bulbs or have a delicate restaurant chandelier, glass permeability of texture, and ceramic and glass combination, such as lily modelling chandeliers, will be enchanted.

Choose the chandelier there is a way: hanging height, shade, lamp ball material and form must be carefully chosen to avoid causing uncomfortable glare. The height of the chandelier should be suitable, generally from the desktop about 55---60 centimeters, and should be optional to rise and fall device lamps, in order to facilitate the adjustment and selection of height. Like the plastic material of the rice white chandelier, the modelling natural no carving, arbitrary, the shade of spiral shape can be arbitrarily adjusted.

The maintenance and cleanliness of chandeliers: generally more beautiful chandeliers have more complex modelling and shade, if damp dust, lamps often easily rust, paint, shade is due to dust and increasingly dim, if not to deal with, the average one years to reduce about 30%, in less than a few years, the chandelier will dim no luster.