The Difference Between European Chandeliers And Chinese Chandeliers

- Apr 20, 2017-

European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers in the classification of chandeliers have a distinct distinction, two-level differentiation in the entire decoration industry.

A different design inspiration

European chandeliers inspired by the ancient people's candlestick lighting way, and Chinese chandeliers inspired by the ancient Chinese lanterns.

II. Different shapes

European chandelier is more hierarchical, rational. And Chinese chandeliers continuation of the traditional wind, modelling is relatively simple, generally oval-shaped like ancient lanterns, or founder-shaped like ancient lanterns. European chandeliers pay attention to gorgeous, luxurious, and Chinese chandeliers, emphasizing its cultural nature, pay attention to symmetry, founder.

III. Different cultural atmosphere

European chandeliers Magnificent, mainly appear in the more gorgeous, noble place. And the Chinese chandelier art atmosphere is thicker, generally appear in the national wind more dense local and cultural and artistic atmosphere area. But people do not conflict, to see a person's preferences.

In short, European chandeliers and Chinese chandeliers have their own characteristics, do decoration industry designers to understand their cultural history, can do the office decoration!