Some Suggestions On Decorative Pendant Room

- Apr 20, 2017-

The style of chandelier directly affects the style of the whole living room chandelier, so the style of the chandelier is directly influenced by the style of the whole living room. With metallic decorative pieces, glass decorative pieces of the European style chandeliers magnificent, wooden Chinese palace lanterns and Japanese and style lamps rich national flavor, with different color glass mask synthetic pendant lamp elegant, bead curtain lamps give people excited, dazzling, gorgeous feeling, and fluttering soft cloth, silk made of lampshade chandeliers elegant and pleasant gentle warmth.

1. Shape and grade selection of living room decoration lamps to consider and living room atmosphere harmony, but also strive for elegance, and strive for luxury. The living room is the façade of the family, lighting is too common can not show your decorative mood and somewhat shabby, too luxurious may let visitors have too much psychological pressure, not open hands. The method of choosing the living room decoration lamps pointed out in the appearance and grade of the living room main lighting not only can not be too dark, but also not dazzling dazzling, when the living room people are less, can turn off the main lighting, in addition to open a wall lamp.

2. Local lighting can be used with floor lamp, wall lamp, etc., the use and embellishment of the effect can achieve the corresponding requirements. Watching TV and leisure reading is to buy high-pole landing lamp more suitable, the way to choose the living room decoration lamps pointed out in the local lighting, watching TV and reading the best to turn off the ceiling lamp, open the floor lamps not only not dazzling, but also can make the environment more tranquil and elegant.

3. General Lighting Purchase Room decoration lamp method in the overall lighting can use the ceiling lamp, usually in the middle of the house can be a single head or a long chandelier as the main light, the living room decoration lamps can create a sedate generous, warm atmosphere, so that guests return to their own home of relevance.

A. If used in living room activists, living room space of the vertical lights, lamps to decorate mainly, functional supplement for design. Vertical lamp, table lamp is matched with each space auxiliary light source, in order to facilitate the coordination with the space, modelling is too peculiar lamps unsuitable.

b. If the room is high, it is advisable to use a three-fork to five of the incandescent chandelier, or a larger circular chandelier, so that the living room looks magnificent. But not to use all the downward light chandelier, but should make the upper space also have a certain brightness, to narrow down and down space brightness difference.

C. If the room is low, can be used to add ceiling lamp, so that the living room will appear crisp and generous, a sense of civilized language, floor lamp with the sofa beside, sofa side table with decorative craft table lamp, or nearby walls placed lower wall lamp, so that not only the reading of the local lighting, but also in the reception of a cordial and harmonious atmosphere.

Bright and comfortable light helps to get along with the pleasure of the atmosphere, relaxing the sight of the eye to relieve the burden, in different situations and times can also meet other needs. Therefore, the home living room lighting in the choice of collocation has certain skill.