Some Kinds Of Chandeliers

- Apr 20, 2017-

Continental candlestick Pendant Lamp

European classical style crystal chandeliers, inspired by the ancient people's candlestick lighting way, when people are hanging on the iron to put a number of candles. Nowadays many chandeliers are designed to be this style, but the candle is changed to light bulb, but the bulb and lamp holder are the same as candles and candlestick.

Crystal pendant lamp

There are several types of crystal lamps: natural crystal cut-grinding pendant lamp, heavy lead crystal blowing chandelier, low lead crystal pendant chandeliers crystal glass mid-range pendant lamp, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-casting cutting modelling chandelier, crystal glass strip chandelier and so on.

The crystal lamps in the market are mostly made of imitation crystal, but the use of the material is different, the quality of the crystal lamp is made of high-tech materials, while some shoddy crystal lamps even plastic as imitation crystal material, light and shadow effect is naturally poor. Therefore, in the purchase must be careful comparison, careful identification. Commonly used crystals have K5,K9 these two kinds.

Chinese chandelier

The classical Chinese chandelier, bright and neat, fits in the foyer area. In the door, bright light gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and Chinese patterns will tell the impetuous guests, this is a traditional family. Note: The specifications and styles of lamps and lanterns should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight the screens and decorations, you need to add a light.

Fashionable pendant lamp

Most people may not want to decorate a European classical style, modern style chandeliers are often more popular. The market has a modern sense of the chandeliers of many styles, for choice is very large, various lines can be selected.

Consumers can choose to install energy-saving lamp light source, do not choose to have plating pendant lamp, because plating layer time is prone to fade. Select all metal and glass and other materials inside and outside uniform chandeliers.