Precautions For Installing Chandeliers

- Apr 20, 2017-

① Installation When there is a number of chandeliers, should pay attention to their position, the length of the relationship can be installed at the same time ceiling chandelier, so that the ceiling can be based on the fence, adjust the position and height of the lamp.

② Hanging rod out of the ceiling must be used directly out of the method and casing. The practice of the tube is conducive to installation, to ensure that the ceiling panels are complete, only in the need for the location of the pipe drilling can be. Directly out of the ceiling of the Hanging Cup, the installation of the plate surface drilling difficult to find. Sometimes it may be used to install the hanging rod and then truncate the panel digging holes to install the method, but the decorative effect has influence.

③ Hanging rod should be a certain length of thread, for the adjustment and low use. Suspension of the sling under the Hanging light box, should pay attention to the reliability of the connection.