Brief Introduction Of Wall Lamp

- Apr 20, 2017-

Wall lamp is mounted on balcony stairs, corridor and bedroom, suitable for watts; color wall lamp used for festivals, festive time; bedside wall lamp most are mounted in the upper left of the bedside, lamp head can rotate, light beam concentrated, easy to read; Mirror front wall lamps are decorated near the toilet mirror.

Wall lamp mounting height should be slightly more than 1.8 meters high around the horizon line. The illumination of wall lamp should not be too large, so the more artistic appeal, the choice of wall lamp shade should be based on the color of the wall, white or milk-yellow wall, it is advisable to use light green, light blue shade, lake green or and azure walls, it is advisable to use milky white, yellowish, tan shade, so, in a large area of color wall covering, dotted with a only show the purpose of the wall lamp, giving people with elegant and refreshing sense.

The wires connected to the wall lamp should be light colored, easily coated with the wall color, to keep the walls neat. In addition, the wall can be dug into a small slot on the line, embedding the wires, filled with lime, and painted with the same wall color paint.