The characteristics of floor lamp

- Apr 20, 2017-

The floor lamp is commonly used for local illumination, not to speak comprehensiveness, but emphasizes the convenience of mobility, which is very practical for the corner atmosphere construction. The lighting mode of the floor lamp if direct downward projection, suitable for reading and so on need to concentrate activities, if indirect illumination, can adjust the overall light change. Floor lamp shade should be below 1.8 meters above ground.

Floor lamp cover, demanding concise generous, decorative strong. Barrel cover is more popular, lights-shaped, lantern-shaped also more use. Some people like to make their own cover, like the use of film white film and paintings made of the large shade, very interesting.

The bracket of the floor lamp is made of metal, spinning wood or using natural form material. Bracket and the base of the production or selection, must be with the shade, no "villain wearing big cap" or "thin tall wear caps" imbalance.