installation method of Floor lamp

- Apr 20, 2017-

In addition to hanging ornaments a large volume of bulky chandeliers and wall lamp, such as lamp floor lamp can be installed. Although the installation method of each lamp will differ slightly according to the product design, but often the same. We need only to install the floor lamp [3], note the following points:

1. Before installing, you should carefully read the installation drawings, and prepare common tools such as the cross-mouth screwdriver, hammer and so on. Apart from the parts packaging, it is best not to confuse, if similar parts are more, drawings will draw a physical size of the comparison chart, the unused parts fork, very easy to distinguish various parts.

2. Check when the plate is found to be damaged, can contact the merchant supplements. To install the screw, eccentric parts, wooden shaft, will open a good guide hole, parts of the positioning of the problem do not worry. Should be noticed that do not occur on the wrong parts and then repeatedly screwed the situation, otherwise easy to damage the plates, installation also often appear unstable, tilt and so on.

3. Usually the floor lamp should have a cast iron chassis, slightly smaller than the surface base size, from the bottom of the order should be: chassis fastening nuts, cast iron chassis, base, lamp pole, lamp holder, shade, plastic fasteners, light bulbs.