Development trend of Table lamp

- Apr 20, 2017-

Nowadays, the lamp type is varied, the bulb divides into: energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp, LED bulb. Control methods are: Switch control, touch-control, brightness adjustable, even voice-activated. But consumer needs is a practical, energy-saving, reliable product. In the national "Eleven-Five" planning, the led to promote the popularization of a class of energy-saving products.

3D Home Products Display, is a new and practical modern publicity display form, through digital virtual technology to live a real life simulation products, the use of three-dimensional production and post-processing software to simulate the appearance of products to achieve true, three-dimensional, intuitive display effect.

With the rapid development of the Internet, 3D technology gradually emerged and applied to all walks of life, the use of 3D technology is home products in the development of the Internet revolution. The new road network 3D home product Experience Pavilion covers the mainstream brand home products, can realistically simulate real home products, breakthrough static picture display limitations of the problem, to give product vitality, so that products and viewers to achieve interactive exchanges.

Consumers do not have to go out, just drag the mouse to experience the latest popular home products, immersive feel like home products charm.