Common sense of health lighting

- Apr 20, 2017-

★ With the lamp should be healthy lighting common sense: for example, reading the best illumination and age has a great relationship, the elderly needs the illuminance is 15 times times the child.

★ High Frequency eye protection lamp Why electromagnetic radiation:

High-frequency eye lamp in order to overcome 50hz fluorescent lamp Strobe 40,000 ~5.5 10,000 Hz frequency, will inevitably bring the electromagnetic radiation of high-frequency power supply. Environmental experts point out that excessive electromagnetic radiation can cause palpitations, insomnia, leucocyte reduction, memory loss, even resulting in reduced immune function, blood system, nervous system damage.

Electromagnetic radiation damage is cumulative, the nearer the distance, the lighter weight, the greater the damage. More than one point of protection, a little risk has become a consensus.

★ LED is a semiconductor solid-state light emitting devices: small size, light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, high safety, color purity, directional good, low maintenance costs, environmental protection and pollution-free.

★ LED Lighting is a green light source: low working voltage, less power consumption; stable performance, long life (usually 100,000 hours); impact resistance, strong vibration resistance; LED lighting products can provide high-quality light environment, the light efficiency of the illumination system is improved, there is no infrared and UV component, high color, and strong luminous direction, the dimming performance is good, the color temperature change does not produce visual error; Cold light source is low calorific value, can be safely touched, improve glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution. 0 strobe, will not cause the eye fatigue phenomenon. No electromagnetic radiation, eliminate radiation Pollution to protect the brain. It can not only provide comfortable lighting space, but also good to meet the physiological health needs of people, is a health source of environmental protection. Long-term use can protect eyesight, prevent myopia.